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Nutrition FACTS

Want to know more? Learn about our ranking of sugary drink nutrition, the nutrition facts label, decoding ingredients lists, common myths, and view complete nutrition information for each sugary drink category and by company.

Sugary Drink Nutrition Ranking

How do sugary drinks rank on nutritional content? Find out how healthy your favorite drink is compared to others.

Drinks With the Most Sugar per Ounce

This table lists sugary drinks by beverage catergory based on their sugar content. 

What's Really in Sugary Drinks? Ingredient Lists: Decoded

In addition to sugar, many sugary drinks contain artificial colors, zero-calorie sweeteners, artificial flavors, and preservatives. Use this document to navigate through the ingredient lists on sugary drinks.

Common Sugary Drink Myths

Responses to commonly held beliefs about sugary drinks.

Understanding the Nutrition Facts Panel

The nutrition facts panel can be confusing. Use this document to learn all about sugary drink serving sizes, actual juice percentages, amounts of sugars, vitamins, minerals, zero-calorie sweeteners, and artificial colors.

Choosing a Healthy Drink

Use this document to learn all about healthy alternatives to sugary drinks.

Sugary Drink Terminology

Definitions of commonly used terms.

Complete Nutrition Information

How nutritious are sugary drinks? What sugary drink is the highest or lowest in sugar and calories? Refer to these tables to learn about the nutrition content of the beverages included in the Sugary Drink FACTS Reort.

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